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Do you ship BootBras internationally?
Yes, just send us an email and we can accommodate anywhere in the world.
Does the BootBra work for over the knee boots? 
Yes, with the help of an extender.
Does the BootBra work for thigh high boots?  
Yes, we suggest using a couple of extenders.
Is the BootBra one size fits all? 
Yes, the circumference of the BootBra stretched to capacity 20 inches. However, we sell extenders separately to make the BootBra longer. The BootBra and attached extender stretched to capacity is 25 inches.
How long is the BootBra? 
11 inches
How long is the BootBra stretched to capacity? 
20 inches
How long is the extender? 
3.5 inches
How long is the extender stretched to capacity? 
5 inches
What about boots lined with fur, or shearling? Will the SnapStickers work?
SnapStickers can be stitched to interior of boot for 'heavy duty' wearers or boots lined with fur.
Where can I get more SnapStickers? 
Additional SnapStickers and Extenders can be found at
Can the BootBra be worn “peeking” out of Boot? 
Yes, the BootBra can be worn peeking out of boot or completely under boot pending on where SnapSticker is placed.
Are there other colors/patterns? 
Not yet, please email with any color or patterns you’d like to see if the future.
Is there a BootBra for young girls (under age 8)? 
Not yet, please email and we will try to accommodate by tailoring a smaller version by request.
Are the SnapStickers reusable? No the SnapStickers are not reusable. A new set is needed for each pair of boots.
Is The BootBra washable? Yes, the BootBra is machine washable.